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Wyrmroost Edit

Hello and welcome to the Wyrmroost mod!

We're in very early development so expect some bugs once our first version gets released.

Created by the Developers of Dragon Mounts 2 (But better!) we aim to add diversified dragons in the Overworld and in our own Dimension. The dimension will not be available in the very first versions as we need to figure out how that will be done.

Our first version will have many items and four dragons with unique models, textures and abilities. This mod isn't the same as Dragon Mounts 2 even though the developers helped that mod. Our mod is different and won't contain the same concepts or ideas as DM2. The only thing related is dragons. Play nice!

NOTE: The mod is under early development. The Dimension will not arrive until a few versions later and the mod will build up with content as time goes on. Please remain patient!

Current Features:

Overworld Drake

Silver Glider

Lesser Desertwyrm


Butterfly Leviathan

Dragon Fruit Dragon

Canari Wyvern

Dragon Staff (WIP)

Several useful items

Planned Features:

Many new dragon species


Several items & Blocks

Version: 1.14.4 Edit


We will port to future versions if necessary.

Feel free to report any bugs once our first version releases. But please be tame, this is a very early development mod.

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